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Pure Heart Essentials

Pure Heart Essentials - SCRUB - Espresso Bar Vegan

Pure Heart Essentials - SCRUB - Espresso Bar Vegan

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Espresso Bar is the perfect scrub to get your coffee fix and let the benefits of coffee improve your skin. Exfoliate + moisturize your skin all at once. Using our espresso, vegan "buff bar 80 grit". A creamy moisturizing bar, loaded with organic apricot shells & cane sugar. Let your skin slide into rich cocoa butter, while applying this perfectly texture buffing bar. Exfoliate Moisturize Enjoy aromatherapy Smells like the yummiest, sweet orange, a chocolate bar for your body! (scented using orange essential oil- void of fragrances) Our fans also preach, our buff bar is great on cellulite! Bonus... Raw Bars Available



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