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Whelk - Upcycled Ride Pouch: Forest Green

Whelk - Upcycled Ride Pouch: Forest Green

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10% profits donated to ocean-cleaning efforts. As avid cyclists who care about the environment, we’re always trying to reduce the footprint produced by our sport. One of the biggest culprits was the inner tubes we had to replace every time we got a flat tire. It felt like such a waste to throw away a perfectly good inner tube just because of a small puncture. So we put our heads together and came up with an idea: why not repurpose those punctured inner tubes into something useful? And that’s how the idea for the ride pouch was born. We used the inner tubes to create the water-resistant exterior of the pouch, all while giving it a unique and stylish look. The interior of the pouch is lined with a soft, lightweight fabric to give it a clean finish. We strictly produce these punctured inner tubes that we collect from local bike shops and repair centers. Although it’s a labor-intensive process, it is worthwhile knowing that we are doing our part to reduce waste and tackle climate change.



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